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OLED Display

Samsung Display provides you the best solutions with our creative and innovative technology.

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Why Samsung OLED™?

Why is OLED display great?

Advantages of the OLED display

Clear image quality

Brighter and clearer OLED

Samsung Display is driving the innovation of mobile displays. According to the professional image quality assessment firm, Displaymate, the maximum brightness of Samsung's OLED™ display is 1,609cd/㎡, an increase of 23% from its predecessor, and also the color reproduction reaches DCI-P3 120%, making more vivid color expression possible. With greatly improved "outdoor visibility," which lets you see the vivid and clear picture quality even outdoors in the beaming sunlight, you can use your smartphone effectively regardless of where you are, helping you more realistically enjoy the content suitable for the 5G mobile environment.

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Rich color expression

Samsung OLED™ achieves an excellent color reproduction of DCI-P3 120% based on the color characteristics of the source itself. This way, the display expresses photos and videos in more natural colors.

The global image quality assessment firm, Displaymate, on their website, awarded the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the highest grade of "Excellent A+" for image quality.

* Displaymate called the Samsung OLED display "the world's best smartphone display" and the industry's best display after an assessment of major points such as color reproduction, color accuracy, and reflectivity.

Low power consumption, long lasting battery

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Commercializing "adaptive frequency™" technology

We have commercialized "adaptive frequency" technology that minimizes overall power consumption by automatically adjusting the display's refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on the usage environment.

"Adaptive frequency" is a low-power OLED panel technology that automatically adjusts your display's refresh rate according to your usage environment and minimizes overall power consumption. By supporting variable refresh rates, it lowers the panel operating power by up to 22% from the previous model, helping improve the actual power consumption of smartphones.

With the rise of high-definition video streaming and gaming content, the technology dramatically increases usage time, which drastically improves usability. It has been recognized by the global certification body, SGS, as an "Eye Card Display™" and by UL2 as "energy saving."

OLED's slim design

Thin design

Simple structure, slim design

AMOLED displays don't need backlights and color filters used in LCDs because the pixels emit their own light. Because the structure is so simple, it is about 30% thinner and lighter than the LCD, which helps reduce the weight and thickness of smartphones.

A thinner panel not only helps design slimmer products, but also increases the battery space inside the product. In many ways, Samsun's OLED is a display that is optimized for mobile devices.

Why Samsung's OLED™ is unique

Curvature of the foldable display

Commercialization of OLED foldables with the world's smallest curvature

Samsung Display's 1.4R Foldable OLED has the smallest curvature among all commercialized foldable products to date. The smaller the curvature (R), the more perfectly it folds because there is no extra space in the folded area. It was first applied to the "Galaxy Z Fold2," where it lowered the curvature and contributed to its sleek and slim foldable smartphone design.

The 1.4R Foldable OLED is the first product to use a large-area UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass), which increased the folded area over its predecessor. But after being steadily folded and unfolded 20,000 times to test the durability of the foldable panels, it was verified by the global certification body, Bureau Veritas.

Reduced blue light on the OLED

Reduced blue light display

With the principle of self-illumination, Samsung's OLED™ innovatively reduces the wavelength of blue light, which is harmful to your eyes, more than conventional displays.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra reduces the portion of harmful blue light by 13% over the Note 10+, and this is the lowest in the industry. In the 5G era when we use our smartphone longer and longer, this technology greatly reduces fatigue in our eyes.

Self-illuminating display for the color-blind

Color correction

Starting in 2014, Samsung Display has introduced color correction technology, based on the OLED display, for the color-blind. The color correction technique quantifies the degree of color blindness and highlights the colors step by step to make them look suitable. This is because OLED, unlike LCD, can precisely control light in pixel units. This technology is also applied in smartphones, and is helping the color-blind see the original colors as much as possible.


Samsung OLED™, showing you the beauty of smartphones

The greatest smartphones are determined not only by the best designs, but also by their display quality.

Samsung's OLED technology leads smartphone innovation with the best color expression, slimmest designs, and lowest power consumption.

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Vivid and dynamic image quality

The "Galaxy S21" and "Galaxy S21+" are equipped with the Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display, and the "Galaxy S21 Ultra," which proudly presents the brightest and most intelligent capabilities among Samsung mobile displays in history, is equipped with the Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display.

In particular, the displays include an "Eye Comfort Shield" function that analyzes your usage patterns and automatically adjusts the blue light, which helps with you sleep and eye health.

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Smooth, non-blurry screen

'The "Galaxy S21" and "Galaxy S21+" automatically adjusts the screen's refresh rate up to 120Hz depending on the content, which provides a smooth, silky scrolling and viewing experience with optimal battery life. The "Galaxy S21 Ultra" supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz in Quad HD+ image quality for the first time, and automatically adjusts the refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on the content.

Also, it is 25% brighter and supports a 50% higher contrast ratio than its predecessor. With its 1,500 nits, the brightest among all Galaxy smartphones, you can even enjoy its clear screen outside.

Iris Ring certification mark

Independent brand,
"Iris Ring™"

The global safety certification firm, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), has certified Samsung OLED for "Hole Area Clarity," which measures the consistency of image quality around the holes in the display, for its excellent image quality without color deviation.

The firm designates 12 points around the hole, measure the color, brightness, and saturation at each point, and compares them. As a result of this analysis, the firm evaluated the technology and performance of the display around the holes as the best in the industry.

Samsung Display has named the display around the holes, verified for its consistent image quality, the "Iris Ring™." It refers to the perfect contrast between the black camera hole and clear image quality around the hole.


Foldable display

With the foldable display, we have pushed the boundaries of smartphone display sizes, and are providing you with new usability that you've never seen before.

Not only can you multi-task with its ability to split the large screen into multiple sections, but you can also take full advantage of the 5G era with its convenience and portability.

Image of the Galaxy Z Fold2

We have heard your various feedback, and so the "Galaxy Z Fold2" has improved usability with a larger 6.2-inch OLED screen on the front. The 7.6-inch main foldable display has a larger screen and smaller bezel, thanks to the punch hole, so you can have a more complete full screen experience.

The foldable OLED on the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with a more advanced display technology so that you can fold it perfectly. We have implemented the industry's smallest curvature of 1.4R to deal with the stress on the product when the display is folded and unfolded. We have also included the industry's first cover window made with ultra-thin tempered glass UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) to ensure a more sophisticated design and display durability at the same time.


Samsung OLED™, ushering in the ultra-high resolution laptop era

OLED, which has been popular in smartphone and TV displays not only for its spectacular color expression, but also for its quick response time, ultra-light weight, high image quality, and reduction of harmful blue light, is expanding into laptops.

Images of gaming laptops

Spectacular color expression, quick response time!

With 1.6 times the color volume of LCD, OLED expresses colors more vividly and minimizes blur with a quick response time. Not only that, the display is thinner and lighter due to its simple structure and slim design, making it more convenient to take with you wherever you go. Also, the HDR enhances the details on the screen. The gaming laptops provide thinner bezels and clear visibility, so you can fully immerse yourself into any game. Now you can also enjoy the amazing image quality of OLED with an excellent contrast ratio and quick response time on laptops.

An image of 2 OLED laptops

A default ‘black background’ for laptops as well

Applying the ‘dark mode’ on OLED laptops can save 25% of the display power consumption. When the dark mode is applied, the OPR (On Pixel Ratio) that represents the ratio of the active pixels among all of the pixels that make up the screen decreases and reduces the display power consumption by 25%. Such a battery-saving effect is only possible on OLED displays. OLED, each of which produces light on its own, expresses the black color by turning off the pixels. This is a kind of black state, which significantly reduces power consumption.


Premium smartwatch aesthetics

Samsung's OLED installed on smartwatches provides you with the best value for premium watches. Excellent visibility outdoors, the always-on display so you can check the time without draining the battery, and their high-quality round designs will help you experience the new meaning of sophistication for smartwatches.

Image of Galaxy Watches
  • Natural, round design and outdoor visibility

    Samsung OLED offers you a true user experience with state-of-the-art round designs. With its bright display and vivid colors, the OLED boasts of excellent visibility in broad daylight.

  • AOD (Always-On Display)

    OLED technology is highly efficient because only the pixels needed to form an image light up. That's why you don't need to worry about the battery anymore and set your smartwatch to "always on." Samsung OLED's "AOD" supports 256 full colors, and you can customize your watch face however you like.


  • Samsung UTG certification

    Samsung UTG™

    Received the UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) durability certification from the French technology certification firm, Bureau Veritas

  • Adaptive Frequency certification

    Adaptive Frequency™

    Recording the industry's best image blur length and MPRT (moving picture response time) for smartphone OLED panels, received the certification for "Seamless Display"

  • Iris Ring certification

    Iris Ring™

    Recognized for excellent image quality without color deviation around the holes int he display by the global safety certification firm, UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

  • Eye Care Display certification


    Received the "Eye Care Display™" certification for lowering the portion of harmful blue light to the lowest level in the industry from the global certification body, SGS

  • UL certification

    Received the eco-friendly product certification for Samsung OLED™'s reduced power consumption from the US and international certification body, UL

  • CESI certification

    Received the certification for excellent color expression for Samsung OLED™'s high contrast ratio from the Chinese government agency, CESI