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Liquid Crystal Display

Samsung's own distinguished VA (Vertical Alignment) technology brings out a bright and
clear picture quality from LCDs and provides you a comfortable viewing experience.

The LCDs are used in various environments such as high-resolution 8K displays and video wall panels.

A wavy pattern
High Resolution TV

Realer than reality

Image of buildings in a city

Closer to reality Closer to "REAL"

The 8K display brings you softer gradiation and breathes life into images and objects for better clarity. It delivers surreal images with a strong cognitive perception of the images' contrast, color expression, and resolution.

Comparing screen definition with an image of a sandy desert

Amazing you with closeness to reality

Resolution tells you how many pixels are in each section that forms the digital screen. The higher the resolution, the more pixels in a given section, which improves image quality. Our 8K TVs have 7680x4320 pixels in one screen, so not only does it increase the concentration on the screen, but it also provides you with even more amazing realism. Even the smallest of details are precisely implemented, giving you the sense of depth and realism as if they're in front of your very eyes.

Comparing depth at 8K resolution

More realistic depth

Today, the evolution of TVs goes in tandem with the advancement of resolution. SD (720×480) has advanced to HD (1280×720) and HD has advanced to FHD (1920×1080). Now, TVs are further evolving into UHD (3840×2160) and 8K UHD (7680×4320).

8K TVs details the distance, size, and clarity between objects, providing you with amazing depth. Such depth makes visuals feel much more realistic.

Gloss on a red car being magnified

Smooth expression of gloss and shading

8K TVs express gloss and shadows with more detail, giving viewers a more refined shading effect. Because they have four times more pixels and is more density than 4K TVs, the image is that much clearer and expressive.

Because the more than 33 million pixels deliver even the smallest of details with precision, giving you a sense of depth and realism as if what you're seeing is right in front of your very eyes, you can experience ultra-realistic visuals on our 8K TVs.

Image of a tall mountain and lake shore

8K quality images on your favorite content with AI image quality conversion

Samsung Display's 8K UHD comes with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) that converts any image to 8K quality, regardless of the source. The AI studies countless images with machine learning and uses it to increase the resolution of ordinary images to 8K.

You can enjoy any content at its highest quality because the AI optimizes the brightness and clarity of images according to their characteristics, offering you a potential solution to the lack of 8K content.

Curved Monitor

Ergonomic design

Curved monitors, which are more familiar to our eyes,
help us use monitors more comfortably.

Image of two curved monitors

Office monitor

The ergonomic design of the curved monitors not only helps your eyes stay comfortable, but also increase your work efficiency with the equal viewing distance from the middle of the screen to the edges. With the curved design of these monitors, you can focus more on the information displayed on the screen.

With the recent increase in popularity of curved monitors, we are releasing monitors with a variety of features, from high refresh rates to ultra-high resolution. We are increasing the market with not only office monitors, but also gaming monitors, video editing monitors, and other monitors that make more professional and creative tasks possible.

Comparing the curvature of two monitors

Horopter effect

The horopter is an imaginary line we draw with our eyes, so objects along this line are projected to the same area of our eyes. For example, if an object on the horopter is 1 degree to the left of the focal point from our left eye, it is also 1 degree to the left of the focal point from our right eye.

According to the horopter theory, if the focal length to the object is the same (locus), it can minimize the stress to our eyes when we focus on the object. Because our retinas are round and so is the locus of curved monitors, they are ergonomic products for users.

Racing game interface

Entertainment monitor

The elegant design of curved monitors will completely mesmerize you. Experience an overwhelming liveliness and adventure with curved monitors. You'll even forget to blink.

Gaming immersiveness

The three-dimensional view of curved monitors will captivate your heart. Now, you can witness the liveliness of videos that you never could on standard flat screen monitors. Once you've experienced curved monitors, you might never want to go back to flat screen monitors.

Soccer game interface

Effective game play

When gaming, most people focus on the center of the screen, but often the most important information in the game is displayed on the sides.

Curved monitors are designed to help you more easily notice movement on the sides, letting you more efficiently control your characters in games.