Landscape photos of northern Europe are being taken with a smartphone. The screen of the smartphone looks bright.


Our AMOLED displays re-define richness in color, slim design and
low-power consumption, for next-generation smartphones worldwide.

Why AMOLED Display? Why AMOLED Display?

Excellent Photo Quality, Ultra-thin Design, Rich Color Reproduction, Lower Power Consumption

Excellent Photo Quality Excellent Photo Quality

Excellent Photo Quality

Rich Color Reproduction Rich Color Reproduction


Lower Power Consumption Lower Power Consumption

LCD - Color Filter, Backlights, Power Consumption-large. AMOLED - Organic Light-Emitting Diodes(70% OPR), Power Consumption-small. High-resolution HDR Contents Support

Ultra-thin Design Ultra-thin Design

LCD - Backlight, Pol, TFT, Color Filter, Pol, Window. AMOLED - Backplane, Encap, Pol, Window Promotional Video Clips by Samsung Display
  • 1. The self-emitting display - Samsung AMOLED displays show exceptionally high quality images with extremely high color reproduction, due to their self-emitting design. The AMOLED display panels can be ultra-thin, light weight and low in power consumption, making them particularly attractive for use on mobile devices.

  • 	2. Helping the color blind - Samsung Display has developed Vision Aid technology, which allows users of devices with AMOLED displays whose sight is diminished by color fading to see natural-like colors.

  • 3. Reducing blue light emitting - Samsung AMOLED displays have revolutionized how electronic images appear by reducing the blue light wavelength harmful to the eye, thanks to Samsung Display’s leading-edge self-luminous technology.

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