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Sustainable Management Strategy

As a members of the global society, we at Samsung Display are not only committed to economic growth,
but also to our social responsibilities by providing innovative products and
services and creating economic, social, and environmental value.

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Samsung Display Sustainable Value 2025

Diagram of the stages of the sustainable management strategy
  • Respond to
    climate change
    Climate Value
  • Establish a
    circular economy
    Circular Value
  • Manage product
    Sustainable Product
  • Manage
    the supply chain
    Partnership Value
  • Contribute to
    local communities
    Community Value

Sustainability Foundation

  • 01 Respect human rights and improve the lives of our employees
  • 02 Create a safe working environment
  • 03 Manage personal information and intellectual properties at the highest level
  • 04 Operate with responsibility

Key challenges of sustainable management

The purpose of the "Samsung Display Sustainable Value 2025" strategy is to establish mid- to long-term goals for sustainable management, enhance corporate value, and minimize management risks in order for us at Samsung Display to fulfill our social responsibilities as best as possible.

  • Maximizing Business Value
    • Manage product sustainability

      ∙ Define sustainable technology and products considering the economy, society, and environment
      establish evaluation standards and management direction

      ∙ Manage sustainable performance indicators in the research and development process

    • Manage the supply chain

      ∙ Conduct supply chain ESG evaluation

      ∙ Provide technical support to partners

      ∙ Ensure zero fair trade violations

    • Contribute to local communities

      ∙ Manage satisfaction by collecting
      the opinions of the stakeholders of social contributions

      ∙ Promote improvement projects for the ecology of local communities

  • Minimizing Operational Risk
    • Respond to climate change

      ∙ Reduce carbon emissions during operations

      ∙ Manage the products' roles in carbon reduction

      ∙ Expand carbon reduction partnerships

      ∙ Reduce fine dust pollution

    • Establish a circular economy

      ∙ Reach Zero Waste to Landfill at all domestic worksites

      ∙ Receive certifications for water resource impact management at all domestic worksites

    • Be a global leader
      in respecting human rights
      and industry security

      ∙ Realize the respect for human rights expected by the international community

      ∙ Create the world's safest work environment

      ∙ Manage personal information and intellectual properties at the highest level

Compliance with
the RBA's Code of Conduct

RBA (Responsible Business Alliance)

As a member of the RBA, Samsung Display complies with the RBA's Code of Conduct and applies it on our own code of conduct and inspection methods for the management of workplaces and partners.

The RBA's Code of Conduct is based on several international norms, and it was written to develop the social and environmental responsibilities and raise the ethical standards of corporations.

Samsung Display strives to provide working environments at an international level at overseas workplaces, and is conducting on-site inspections of the management systems, environmental safety, and more of these overseas corporations and partners according to the RBA standards in order to manage and supervise this at all times.

Formerly EICC (Electronics Industry Coalition Citizenship)

Compliance with RBA code of conduct
  • 01
    • Change towards respect for human rights
    • Work hours
    • Ban on discrimination
  • 02
    Health and safety
    • Occupational safety
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Occupational disasters and diseases
    • Sanitation
  • 03
    • Environmental permits and reporting
    • Hazardous substances
    • Waste management
    • Atmospheric emissions
  • 04
    • Fair trade
    • Identity protection and non-retaliation
    • Ban on conflict minerals
  • 05
    Management system
    • Evaluation and management
    • Training
    • Grievance processing
    • Documentation
    • Supplier responsibilities

More information about the Sustainable Management Strategy

Report 2023

Samsung Display issued its third corporate sustainability management report in 2023 to communicate to stakeholders the economic, social, and environmental values and achievements generated by business activities in transparency. After the material test and interviews with stakeholders to select issues in the publishing process, Samsung Display’s achievements in sustainability in 2022 have been included in the report.