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Social Contribution

Samsung Display loves and shares with local communities.

Children learning robotics
Logo - Enabling People, Education for Future Generations

Samsung Display is conducting activities to nurture global talent with the vision of "strengthening future core talent" through "youth education."

Book Woollim

Book Woollim is one of Samsung Display's most prominent social contribution project that provides (remodels) excellent libraries and reading spaces to spread the culture of reading among children, the youth, and local residents as part of a movement to "create a habit for reading" and "education." Through this, we are creating comfortable reading environments that anyone can enjoy at any time, and we hope to revitalize the culture of reading in local communities by cultivating the joy and habit of reading.

Book Woollim library

Reading environment improvement project

Providing excellent libraries and reading spaces

To spread the culture of reading in local communities, we improve reading environments with the characteristics of the receiving institutions.

501 excellent libraries, 100,593 books (2014– )

67 reading spaces (2014– )

Holding awards

Reading culture activities support and reading talent project

Book Concert and Reading Contest

We provide the joyful experience of reading along with improving literacy, and support the growth of talented readers as members of the society with positive values.

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Local community activities

To be a company that is trusted by the local communities and loved by our employees, Samsung Display implements sharing with a variety of activities

Students are singing in a choir.


Funded by Samsung Display, the VOLED Choir is a 4-star choir composed of 48 youths with intellectual developmental disorders. We are working to discover talent through music, restore their self-esteem, and improve their social skills, and helping spread positive perceptions about people with disabilities.

Group photo of children with disabilities and their families

Support for children with severe

Rehab and assistive device support and emotional support program

We are helping the children ensure social skills and strengthen family bonds by providing practical help for disabilities. With funds raised through a donation campaign among Samsung Display employees, we are helping the families of severely disabled children with financial difficulties with medical expenses and purchases of orthotics.

They are packaging flowers.

One Table,
One Flower

When a Samsung Display employee applies for the One Table, One Flower service, a developmentally disabled person delivers flowers and a flowerpot directly to the employee's desk once a week. Through this cooperation with the workplace for disabled persons, we are improving the work environment of our company with flower and flowerpot deliveries, creating jobs for 50 disabled persons, and helping improve society.

Business of sharing

Samsung Display implements a true business of sharing through employee volunteer programs and creating a business culture that fulfills social responsibilities and obligations.

Volunteer programs that use the employees' talents

01 / 04

  • Staff are organizing the books in the library.
    Reading Support
  • to read a book
    Science class
  • Staff are painting a mural.
    mural service
  • Staff are serving jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles).
    Jjajangmyeon (black bean noodle) volunteering
hair donation

Non-face-to-face volunteering

O.M.G. hair donation drive, Mug & Cup project, hands-on, mask donations, etc.

Spreading the warm culture of sharing through non-face-to-face volunteering due to the prolonged COVID situation

OMG: Hair donation drive for children with cancer (wig support)

Mug & Cup: Upcycling mugs left in the office to flowerpots

Staff making kimchi

Share the Love Kimchi-Making Festival

In this major winter volunteer program for Samsung Display, the CEO, employees, and local residents come together to make kimchi for local low-income families and share neighborly love.

440 cumulative tons of fresh kimchi (2005–2020, 16 times)

Establishment of sister village relationships

Starting in 2003, Samsung Display has established sister village relationships to revitalize the exchange between farmlands and cities. We have been holding various exchange activities such as providing helping hands during busy farming seasons, farmland experiences and tourism, and village development.

Total of 24 sister villages
24 sister villages

22 villages in Asan-si and Cheonan-si

2 villages around the country
(Gangwon-do and Jeollabuk-do)

01 / 03

  • Staff fixing something
  • Staff cleaning twigs
  • Staff serving samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)
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