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Responsible Labor Practice

Samsung Display respects the value of dignity of our employees,
and is taking the lead in protecting human rights by guaranteeing the right to the pursuit of happiness.

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Global Labor Practice

Samsung Display continuously strives to comply with not only the standards of international labor-related organizations including the United Nations (UN) and International Labor Organization (ILO), but also the strict labor conditions required by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). Therefore, we have designated the "Global Labor Practice" as shown below. All of our policies regarding human rights and labor reflect the contents of the regulations below. If there are any differences between the above regulations and the labor laws of any country or region, we apply the stricter standards.

Diagram of the stages of the human rights protection policy
  • Respect for human rights
  • Ban on discrimination
  • Minimum wage practices
  • Ban on forced labor
  • Compliance with work hours
  • Compliance with the minimum employment age
  • Guarantee of the freedom of association
  • Operation of a grievance handling process
  • Inspection of human rights protection policies
We respect the human rights of our employees.

We actively strive to confirm and guarantee the basic human rights of our employees. If we identify not only verbal abuse or assault, but also immoral acts such as sexual harassment or workplace harassment, we take immediate actions according to internal regulations.

We do not discriminate.

We do not change working conditions, such as hiring, wages, or promotions, or take other unfavorable measures without good reason based on our employees' gender, age, country of origin, race, religion, marital status, pregnancy, or childbirth.

We pay above the minimum wage in a timely manner.

We pay above the minimum wage according to the labor laws of each country in a timely manner and provide pay stubs for these wages. Also, if extended, night, or weekend labor occurs, we pay the overtime as required by the laws of each country.

We prohibit forced labor.

We do not force our employees to work against their will with violence, intimidation, confinement, or other unreasonable infringements of physical or psychological freedoms. Also, we prohibit the taking of original internationally recognized forms of identification and guarantee the freedom to resign in order to prevent forced labor.

We comply with working hours and leave regulations.

We comply with the working hours, extended, night, and holiday labor, break hours, and days off regulations as stipulated in the labor laws of each country, and regularly check their compliance. Also, if an employee has worked for 6 days straight, we take measures to give the employee more than 1 day off. If a country does not have relevant regulations, we follow the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) regulations of not exceeding more than 60 work hours a week.

We do not employ child laborers.

We comply with the minimum employment age regulations of each country, and at the same time, we have a recruitment process to make sure we do not hire youths under the age of 18. Also, we regularly check if any youths under the age of 18 are employed. If we confirm this fact, we take measures to prevent not only direct production-related work, but also work that is dangerous to health and safety, and make sure night or overtime labor does not occur. For internships or practical training, we continuously make sure that the relevant laws of each country are being followed.

We guarantee the freedom of association.

We guarantee the right to organize, the right to collective bargaining, and the right to collective action as stipulated in the labor laws of each country and the International Labor Organization (ILO), and we do not treat employees unfairly for union membership or union activities. Because these are included in the freedom of association, we not only guarantee the freedom to participate in peaceful assemblies, but also the freedom to not participate in such assemblies.

We have an online and offline grievance process.

We check for grievances of our employees both online and offline 365 days a year through the company-wide bulletin board (Say+), newsletters, counseling centers, on-site managers, etc. When we receive a grievance from an employee, we deal with it right away according to our company policies and implement whistle-blower protection policies when necessary.

We check human rights protection once a year.

Once a year, we check if our company is properly operating the policies for items required by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). If we detect any shortcomings, we take measures right away.