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IT Display

Samsung’s Competitive Edge IT Displays
QHD+(3,200x1,800) LCD
Samsung’s notebook PC panels provide extremely vibrant colors with QHD+ resolution, and improve portability because they are so thin and light. They also decrease power consumption thanks to the use of Samsung’s proprietary Green LCD technology.
QXGA(2,048 x 1,536) OLED
Samsung’s tablet panels deliver outstanding color gamut with QXGA resolution and mobility-friendly power efficiency thanks to their thin and light composition.
Why Samsung’s IT Display? Note PC
Improved outdoor viewing
Samsung's notebook PC panels with a maximum brightness of 700nits provide clear images under high ambient lighting conditions.
Clear QHD+ Display
Samsung’s notebook PC panels provide extremely vivid images with QHD+ resolution at a wide variety of viewing angles.
Millions of Colors with a 4:3 screen aspect ratio
Samsung’s tablet panels provide vibrant images with exceptionally bright colors and a high level of contrast. They also add to consumer convenience with a 4:3 screen aspect ratio optimized for reading e-Books, e-Magazines, or virtually any detailed document.
Improved Portability
Samsung’s tablet panels make tablets thinner and lighter thanks to the simplified structure of an AMOLED display.
Product Line-ups
Note PC Display (measured diagonally in centimeters)
Note PC Display
UHD(3840x2160) 39.6
QHD+(3200x1800) 33.8
WQXGA(2560x1600) 31.0
3:2 30.5
FHD(1920x1080) 29.5 / 31.8 / 33.8 / 35.6 / 38.1 / 39.6 / 43.9
HD(1366x768) 29.5 /35.6 / 39.6
Note PC Display Tablet Display(OLED) (measured diagonally in centimeters)
Tablet Display(OLED)
WQXGA(2560 X 1600) 21.3 / 26.7
QXGA(2048 X 1536) 24.6
Tablet Display(LCD) (measured diagonally in centimeters)
Tablet Display(LCD)
WQXGA+(2736 X 1824) 31.2
WQXGA(2560 X 1600) 25.7 / 31.0
3:2(2160 x 1440) 30.5
WUXGA+(1920 X 1280) 27.4
FHD(1920 X 1080) 27.4 / 46.7
WXGA(1280 X 800) 17.8 / 20.3 / 25.7
XGA(1024 X 768) 20.3 / 24.6