He/She is tapping on the smartphone at the table which the monitor and keyboard lie. Colorful landscape of the northern Europe is being seen on the screen.

Mobile Display

Offering the most breathtaking imagery through
the most awe-inspiring technology.

  • QHD+ Super AMOLED

    Samsung Display's incredibly vivid Quad HD+(2960x1440) AMOLDED display (570 ppi) is based on world-leading Samsung Mobile OLED technology.
    The Quad HD+ represents a new direction in mobility with its dual edge, flexible OLED Design, offering a full-screen 18.5:9 aspect ratio.
  • Flexible Display

    Samsung Display mass-produced the world's first curved edge display for smartphones and smart watches,
    Samsung's curved edge displays play a key role in optimizing the look and feel of mobile devices, thanks to their thin and light flexible design.


Evolving Mobile Display Designs to a 18.5:9 Screen

Samsung Display has taken the lead in mobile innovation. The Samsung Galaxy S8 introduced the industry's first dual-edge 'bezel-less' design featuring full-screen flexible AMOLED technology, developed by Samsung Display. Samsung Display also has boldly improved the aesthetics of smartphones by developing an eye-pleasing, corner-rounding technology that can be used at each corner of the display panel.
Mobile Display detail


Foldable Display

Through Foldable Display, we have challenged the limit of the smartphone display size, and now we are able to provide consumers with the new usability that did not exist before. The big screen can be divided for use so that multi-tasking experienes are possible. Also, because of simplicity and portability, it is the most optimal product for the 5G era.
This is what Galaxy Z Flip looks like. On the cellphone’s screen, it shows a flower.


Product Line-ups

  • Measured diagonally in centimeters
    • Flat OLED

      • WQHD(2560x1440)
        12.9 / 13.2 / 13.9 / 14.4 / 15.1
      • FHD(1920x1080)
        13.2 / 13.9 / 14.4 / 15.1
      • HD(1280x720)
        11.4 / 12.2 / 12.6 / 13.9
    • Flexible OLED

      • WQHD(2560x1440)
        13.9 / 14.4
  • Measured diagonally in centimeters
    • Flexible OLED

      • 360x360