Samsung Develops Tiny, Laser-cut Hole in Display
Through which Pictures are taken in Galaxy Note10, 10+


Samsung Display announced today that it has created an extremely small, laser-etched hole near the top front of its OLED display through which photos can be shot without any loss in picture quality. This display enhancement was verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) earlier this month as having outstanding uniformity of image quality and transmissivity of light.

Samsung’s “hole-punching” technology enables the creation of a completely independent photo-shooting pathway between the OLED panels of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ ― a hole that is only 4.7 millimeters in diameter. This is much smaller than the space in the Galaxy S10’s hole design.

UL measured uniformity of brightness and color by pinpointing 13 spots on the front side of the display including peripheral areas in assessing the uniformity of image quality. With the front side in operation, color uniformity was confirmed to reach 98%. UL also verified that the new camera hole retains an unimpeded 92% of high light transmissivity. These figures mean that a camera shooting through the new hole boasts the same performance as the protruded camera in conventional smartphones, even though the new hole has been poked directly through the display.

“Representing a major advancement in display design, this extremely small hole in our flexible OLED display allows for picture-taking that is as consistently excellent as that of other premium smartphones,” a Samsung Display official said. “This much-improved space utilization will take smartphones to the next level of design efficiency in the future,” the official added.

Overall, Samsung said the superb performance of its 4.7mm laser-cut hole is attributable to the OLED display’s flexibility, its simple yet rugged features, and the state-of-the art laser cutting techniques used to make each camera hole.

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