Highly Successful with Gamers, Samsung Display Curved Monitor Panels Now Expanding into B2B Market


Sold 7 million curved monitor panels in 2018; aiming to boost sales to 10 million this year
-Rapid growth in the curved monitor market propelled by new emerging trends in the gaming market and with ultra-wide-screens

Samsung Display Expanding Wildly Successful Curved Monitor Panels to New Markets

Samsung Display said today that it expects to boost sales of its curved monitor displays to 10 million, a 30 percent increase from 2018 (year over year), by expanding its focus into the B2B (business to business) and North American markets.

During the past year, the world-class display company has been supplying China, Japan, Taiwan and the U.S. with 10 types of curved monitor panels ranging from 23.6 to 49 inches diagonally. This follows its bold introduction of the world’s first display exclusively for curved monitors in 2014.

Curved monitors are gaining huge popularity in the medium-and-large high-end monitor segment (greater than 23-inch screens) with highly desired specifications, which include more pronounced curvature that establishes a greater sense of immersion than with modestly curved panels, as well as a near-perfect viewing angle and a wide aspect ratio. Samsung Display sold seven million curved monitor panels in 2018.

Optimized for gaming

Recently, the monitor market has been revving up with increasing demand for experiencing gaming on wide, curved monitors to enhance a distinct sense of greater interaction with the images on screen. This seemingly unquenchable desire for more direct game involvement has boosted sales of curved monitors and the accompanying curved displays tremendously.

Curved monitors are being designed to thoroughly address the needs of gamers with specifications such as a wide screen, a high scan rate and ultra-high-definition resolution.

The distance from the center of the monitor to its edges is actually closer with a curvy design, which helps most gamers to concentrate. In addition, a highly stable, flicker-free screen appearance is enabled by a refresh rate of between 144Hz and 165Hz. Furthermore, the ultra-wide sizes are especially popular because they enable a more all-encompassing degree of immersion for the user. Large curved monitors also simplify multitasking.

Plans for future growth

Samsung Display said that it plans to expand its market share of curved monitor displays by 30 percent this year, primarily through establishing a greater presence in the worldwide B2B market and in North America.

In pursuit of even greater market share, the company said that it has entered into a cooperative agreement with Amazon, the world’s largest online company, to carry out a variety of promotions for curved monitors. The Samsung Display lineup will be expanded to provide more monitor panels with a tighter (1500R) curvature and the highly desired aspect ratio of 21:9.

“We have carefully built the market for curved displays into a new growth engine over the past five years, even as the overall consumer monitor market has slowed somewhat,” said Cheol Hur, Vice President of the Large Display Marketing Team at Samsung Display Company. “Now, we will focus not only on growing market share in North America, but also in the global B2B marketplace by enabling curved monitors to increase the focus and productivity of businesses around the world,” he added.