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SDC Culture

To create displays that are second-to-none
and that enrich the connection between people and technology

Image of Samsung Display employees


We create the best displays that connect technology and people in a more valuable way.

Displays are a window that connects people and technology. Samsung Display creates the best connection through the best displays.


Display that goes beyond your imagination

Our vision statement "Display beyond imagination" states our domain and commitment to
create future-oriented technology only seen in sci-fi films.

Display beyond Imagination

Core Value

We focus on three core values in order to realize Samsung Display’s vision – ‘Display beyond Imagination’.

The core values express what we need to focus on to realize our vision ‘Display beyond Imagination’.

CORE VALUE : Lower Boundaries, Pursue New Challenges, Play in Different League

Lower Boindaries

We compete in the market, not internally. We can grow together when we collaborate by lowering the boundaries between individuals and the organization. That is ‘teamwork’ and what we call ‘ONE SDC’.

Play In Different League

‘Make a difference that no other dares to covet.’ Playing in an average manner is not enough to lead the display industry. We need to set high standards of our own and play in a different league.

Pursue New Challenges

In order to create a big difference, we need to be open to new challenges. Our challenges should differ from others. It is up to us to challenge the inconceivable unknown territory.

The way we work

This is how we, the Samsung Display employees,
work in order to realize our core values.

7 icons that express the core values of Samsung Display.

We know exactly where to go.

We share
and understand.

We assert with
confidence and listen attentively.

We respect, acknowledge and collaborate.

We discuss smartly.

We learn from our failures and challenge constantly.

We create results on a whole new level by playing in a different league.