Welcome to newly launched world’s No.1 specialized display company, Samsungdisplay!

CEO's Greeting

We will always be with you as a world-class company,
making the most of display technology to brighten your life.

CEO & Chairman Dong Hoon Lee
We're trailblazing a global
Display of Things (DoT) in the 5G era --
a network intricately linked across
the Internet of Things.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
President & CEO,
Dong-Hoon Lee

In creating displays that take viewing to the limits of imagination and beyond, Samsung Display is continuously introducing new technologies that transform the global marketplace.

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Samsung Display’s official website!

Displays are an ever-improving window through which we experience the world.

We enable people to share a wide variety of news, information and images via the most advanced LCD and OLED displays for TVs, note PCs, smartphones, tablets, digital signage, monitors and much more.

Samsung Display is enriching the business prospects of its customers by enabling them to take advantage of our world-class quality and state-of-the-art innovations. With advanced LCD and OLED technologies and the widest range of panel sizes, Samsung Display is helping to make its customers’ consumer electronic devices among the best and most attractive in the world.

Samsung Display has been a leader in technology development, product design and the quality production of displays with UHD resolution, curved LCD technology and extra-large screen sizes. We’re also pioneers in the commercialization of the world’s first flexible OLED displays.

Samsung Display is simplifying consumer lifestyles, while instilling consumer electronics with greater beauty and convenience. We’re delighted to use our limitless imagination and technical proficiency to continue to advance cutting-edge technologies such as crystal-clear transparent displays and screens that can be folded or rolled.

Samsung Display will always be with you as a world-leading display company that enriches your personal environment and improves the well-being of society.

Thank you.