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Samsung Display Ethical Management

We are making our all efforts for fair and transparent business management, under our management philosophy of
"We contribute to Human Society as creating best products and services, based on human esources and technology"

Introduction of Cyber Auditing Team

Cyber Auditing Team is performing management auditing for the company and injustice auditing. Customer's courageous report will make the clean society without irregularities and corruption. Moreover, customer's report details will be fairly handled and reporter will remain strictly confidential.
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    Cyber Auditing Team
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    Auditing Target
    Samsung Display's Domestic, overseas plant and affiliating companies
    Samsung Display's Domestic, overseas plant and affiliating companies
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    Main Duties
    Management consulting Auditing injustice and absurdity
    Management consulting Auditing injustice and absurdity
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    Contact us

    e-mail :

    TEL : +82-31-5181-2580

    Address : Samsung Display "Cyber Auditing Team" Samsung st. 1 (Giheung Campus), Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 17113

    e-mail :

    TEL : +82-31-5181-2580

    Address : Samsung Display "Cyber Auditing Team" Samsung st. 1 (Giheung Campus), Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 17113

Samsung Display Code of Conduct

Samsung Display aims a Top Global Corporation to contribute to a human socity, creating superior products and service, based on human resources and technology. To achieve this goal, we make People, aim for the best Leading Change, Righteos Management, Pursuit of Co-existence as our key value that everyone in Samsung Display will share and stick. Furthermore, we enact Management Principle, to be the standard of thinking and behavior in all business activities for evenyone in Samsung Display and promise to actively practice this principale, in order to comply with laws and ethics and to do company's all ture duties social responsibilities.

Samsung management principles (5 major principles)

  • Observance of Laws and Ethics
    • 1) We respect dignity and diversity of individuals

      · For customers, executives, employees and others of all concerned, we respect the basic human rights of all, not unreasonably discriminating against the grounds of nationality, races, gender, religion, physical disability, regional background, marital status or any others.

      · The Company will not hire minors without any legal procedure who are commonly defined less than the legal minimum age of employment allowed by international standards and relevant national laws and will fairly determine the employment of workers, working time and conditions of wages, taking into international standards and relevant national laws.

      · The Company will ensure the chief will not engage the employees in violating company policy and process, or in performing unfair instructions that are unconnected with companies and tasks and not force them to involuntarily work under the mental and physical compulsion.

    • 2) We fairly compete in accordance with laws and business ethics

      · The Company will compete freely and fairly, abiding by fair-trade laws of relevant international standards and national laws.

      · The Company will not collude with competitors for production, prices, bids or market partition nor to discuss prices, bids, customers, sales territories and conditions, for the purpose of improper agreement.

      · The Company will not permit the acceptance of money, goods, entertainment and/or share offers of stock from external parties concerned, nor allow any improper activities to violate fair trade, with using position and duties.

      · The Company shall not obtain competitor's confidential information through the non-agreed procedures or illegal method nor compel customer or partner companies to commit detrimental activities to competitors.

    • 3) We maintain transparency of accounts with accurate financial transactions

      · The Company will accurately record and manage all transactions on firm ground, in compliance with international standards, national accounting regulations and company’s policy and sincerely announce important management details like changes of accounting audits and company information in accordance with the law.

      · The Company will make every effort to refrain from entering into a business relationship with individual, customer and nation of uncertain identity or of obscure trade practice and not participate nor cooperate with illegal, false, or irregular transactions.

    • 4) We do not get involved in politics and maintain neutrality

      · The company will respect individual political rights and personal political opinions but employees shall not conduct whole political activities to hinder organization atmosphere within the company.

      · The Company's financial resources, manpower and facilities shall not be used for further political goals.

      · The Company will refrain from improper dealings such as illegal donations and will respect related national laws.

    • 5) We protect information on individuals and business partners

      · There needs to be recognized the primary responsibility for the leakage of personal information is in the relevant employee and the company will do the best to abide by the laws relating to protection of the privacy and information.

      · The Company will use customers and partner companies information for business purpose only, which were obtained through business process and not disclose such information to third parties.

  • Maintenance of clean organizational culture
    • 1) We make a strict distinction between public and private affairs in every duties

      · The Company will not permit any illicit activity for the pursuit of personal gain such as embezzlement, misappropriation, stealing of company funds or assets or irregular treatment of expenses, using one’s position or duties.

      · The Company will not permit any activity to transact business related to stocks and bonds like dealing in stocks, with utilizing insider information to be acquired through the business activities and to do anything which could defame company’s reputation and honor.

      · If there is conflict for the interests between company and individuals, it will be given the priority to the company's legal interests.

    • 2) We protect and respect intellectual properties of the Company and others

      · The Company will not permit to disclose the company’s interior intellectual property and confidential information to outside, without the prior approval.

      · The Company will ensure that any proprietary information acquired through the business activities shall be recorded and reported and safely kept and managed as company’s intellectual property.

      · The Company will respect other parties’ patent, copyright, trademark right and etc and shall not do all infringement like use without notice, reprinting, wide distribution, modification and etc.

      · The Company will keep eyes on anyone not to violate the company’s protection regulation for intellectual properties in the course of telephone or other communication with external acquaintances.

    • 3) We create a sound organizational atmosphere

      · The Company will not permit all speeches and behaviors to cause unhealthy fellowship as allowing unpleasant feeling or damage between superiors and inferiors or between colleagues, in which include sexual harassment, demoralization, violence, all compulsion to impose personal burden and etc.

      · The Company will not permit behaviors to cause incongruity or to hinder the healthy organizational culture as forming any private organization or faction based on regional relation, school relation or else.

      · The Company will endeavor to maintain and develop a mutually cooperative industrial relations with co-existence and co-prosperity between management and employees, based on truthfulness.

    • 4) We maintain the dignity of Samsung Mobile Display in our external activities

      · During the term of employment at the Company, an employee is not fundamentally prohibited to simultaneously maintain any side work, additional post or subsidiary occupation to put obstacles in business but it will be the exception if receiving the prior approval, considering the relation with company’s reputation and relevancy with current work.

      · The Company requires that employees obtain the Company's prior approval for the level of public opening, if needed to speak the Company's confidential information at the lecture outside the company, interview and etc.

      · The Company will not allow its officers and employees to incur direct or indirect losses to company, while in office, as acting as members of boards of other companies in conflicts against interests or as participating in competitive business activities.

  • Respect of customer, shareholders and employees
    • 1) We put priority on customer satisfaction in management activities

      · The Company will endeavor to timely supply the products and services which would comply with customers requirements and expectation.

      · The Company will make every effort to receive customers with truthful mind and in a friendly manner, based on its belief that "Samsung Mobile Display exists because of its customers."

      · The Company will endeavor to preferentially reflect the improvement of product design, distribution and services and etc, as collecting customers suggestion and complaint with modesty.

      · The Company will respect customers’ distinction and information and protect them.

    • 2) We pursue management focused on shareholder value

      · The Company will provide long term profits to shareholders through reasonable investment and elevation of management efficiency.

      · The Company will create secure gains through transparent and sound management and raise company’s market value.

      · The Company will respect shareholders’ right and proper opinions and endeavor to reflect them to management activities.

    • 3) We endeavor to improve our employees’ 「 life quality 」

      · The Company will offer equal opportunities to all employees for them to stretch their own wings and treat them impartially according to their ability and achievement.

      · The Company will encourage employees continuous self-development and support to elevate the capacity to need in business activities.

      · The Company will provide a working environment in which personal initiative and creativity are encouraged.

  • Respect of Environment, Safety and Health
    • 1) We pursue eco friendly management

      · The Company will make every effort to comply with international standards, related laws and regulations and internal rules related to the environmental protection.

      · The Company will make ceaseless efforts to protect environment in every business activities of development, production, sales and etc.

      · The Company will be on cutting edge to utilize resources efficiently such as minimizing the generation of harmful materials and recycling.

    • 2) We value the health and safety of human beings

      · The Company will comply with international standards, related laws and regulations, and internal regulations related to the safety and health of employees’ safety education and of training practice.

      · The Company will endeavor to prevent any accident as abiding by safety regulation and creating comfortable working environment.

      · The Company will make every effort not to provide any products or service which could do harm to human’s health and safety.

  • Accomplishment of responsibility as a corporate citizen
    • 1) We sincerely execute our basic responsibilities which a corporate citizen needs to observe

      · The Company will endeavor to create stable employment and to faithfully pay taxes.

      · The Company shall instruct that employees keep in mind that their behaviors are linked directly with the image of the company and keep up company’s reputation through neat clothes, courteous behavior and dignified use of language.

      · As each of executives and employees performs his/her own responsibility and duty as a member of community, all will endeavor to increase the faith for the company within communities. and encouraged to ethically and consciously carry out their job duties and responsibilities.

    • 2) We respect the social and cultural peculiarities of local communities and practice co-existence

      · The Company will respect the laws, culture, values and beliefs of the local communities in which it operates and shall contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of local residents.

      · The Company, as a global corporate citizen, will contribute to promote and support public-interest activities such as academic advancement, art, culture and sports and etc, which will make human society mentally abundant.

      · The Company will actively participate in social services such as volunteer activities and disaster relief.

    • 3) We build up relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners

      · The Company will form reciprocal relation with business partner based on mutual trust and acknowledge its business partners as strategic partners to pursue the shared value of customer satisfaction.

      · The Company will endeavor to select business partners in accordance with business objectives by applying fair standards without discrimination.

      · The Company will support the partner company’s competitiveness through legal back-up and pursue the inter-development.

      · The Company will actively encourage business partners to fulfill their own social responsibilities of safety within the workplace and of respect of human rights of their employees.

Cyber Auditing Team Injustice Report

Injustice is element to hinder customer satisfaction and shareholders benefit. We wait for your valuable report.
  • Report Type

    · Company fund embezzlement and bribery acceptance

    · Unfair work handling

    · Request or offer of money or other valuables and reception

    · Dual employment

    · Offense against public morals & decency due

    · To sexual harassment

    · Other cases in violation of ethical principles

    · Company fund embezzlement and bribery acceptance

    · Offense against public morals & decency due

    · Unfair work handling

    · To sexual harassment

    · Request or offer of money or other valuables and reception

    · Other cases in violation of ethical principles

    · Dual employment

  • Operation of Reporting

    The result how your report to be handled will be sent by phone or by e-mail to you in record time. We will protect your anonymity and will confidentially process your report to the fullest extent possible.

  • How to Report

    · e-mail :

    · TEL +82-31-5181-2580

    · Address : Samsung Display Cyber Auditing Team' Samsung st. 1 (Giheung Campus), Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 17113