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IT Display

Samsung’s Competitive Edge IT Displays
UHD(3,840x2,160) LCD
Samsung’s notebook PC panels provide extremely vibrant colors with UHD resolution, and improve portability because they are so thin and light. They also decrease power consumption thanks to the use of Samsung’s proprietary Green LCD technology.
QXGA(2,048 x 1,536) OLED
Samsung’s tablet panels deliver outstanding color gamut with QXGA resolution and mobility-friendly power efficiency thanks to their thin and light composition.
Why Samsung’s IT Display? Note PC
Improved outdoor viewing
Samsung's notebook PC panels with a maximum brightness of 500nits provide clear images under high ambient lighting conditions.
Clear UHD Display
Samsung’s notebook PC panels provide extremely vivid images with UHD resolution at a wide variety of viewing angles.
Millions of Colors with a 4:3 screen aspect ratio
Samsung’s tablet panels provide vibrant images with exceptionally bright colors and a high level of contrast. They also add to consumer convenience with a 4:3 screen aspect ratio optimized for reading e-Books, e-Magazines, or virtually any detailed document.
Improved Portability
Samsung’s tablet panels make tablets thinner and lighter thanks to the simplified structure of an AMOLED display.
Product Line-ups
Note PC Display (measured diagonally in centimeters)
Note PC Display
UHD(3840x2160) 39.6
QHD+(3200x1800) 33.8
WQXGA(2560x1600) 31.0
3:2 30.5
FHD(1920x1080) 29.5 / 31.8 / 33.8 / 35.6 / 38.1 / 39.6 / 43.9
HD(1366x768) 29.5 /35.6 / 39.6
Tablet Display(OLED) (measured diagonally in centimeters)
Tablet Display(OLED)
WQXGA(2560 X 1600) 21.3 / 26.7
QXGA(2048 X 1536) 24.6
Tablet Display(LCD) (measured diagonally in centimeters)
Tablet Display(LCD)
WQXGA+(2736 X 1824) 31.2
WQXGA(2560 X 1600) 25.7 / 31.0
3:2(2160 x 1440) 30.5
WUXGA+(1920 X 1280) 27.4
FHD(1920 X 1080) 27.4 / 46.7
WXGA(1280 X 800) 17.8 / 20.3 / 25.7
XGA(1024 X 768) 20.3 / 24.6