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Mobile Display

Mobile Display detail
Samsung Display's incredibly vivid Quad HD+(2960x1440) AMOLED display (570 ppi) is based on world-leading Samsung Mobile OLED technology. The Quad HD+ represents a new direction in mobility with its dual edge, flexible OLED design, offering a full-screen 18.5:9 aspect ratio.
Flexible Display
Samsung Display mass-produced the world’s first curved edge display for smartphones and smart watches. Samsung’s curved edge displays play a key role in optimizing the look and feel of mobile devices, thanks to their thin and light flexible design.
Evolving Mobile Display Designs to a 18.5:9 Screen
Samsung Display has taken the lead in mobile innovation.The Samsung Galaxy S8 introduced the industry’s first dual-edge 'bezel-less’design featuring full-screen flexible AMOLED technology, developed by Samsung Display. Samsung Display also has boldly improved the aesthetics of smartphones by developing an eye-pleasing, corner-rounding technology that can be used at each corner of the display panel.
Galaxy S7(16:9) Galaxy S8(18.5:9) : 18% larger in screen area than the Galaxy S7
Product Line-ups
Mobile Display(measured diagonally in centimeters)
Mobile Display의 단위(cm)
WQHD(2560x1440) 12.9 / 13.2 / 13.9 / 14.4 /15.1
FHD(1920x1080) 13.2 / 13.9 / 14.4 / 15.1
HD(1280x720) 11.4 / 12.2 / 12.6 / 13.9
Flexible OLED
WQHD(2560x1440) 13.9 / 14.4
Wearable Display(measured diagonally in centimeters)
Wearable Display의 단위(cm)
Flexible OLED
360x360 3.0