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Samsung Display Shows Off Latest Cutting-edge Technologies at ‘IMID 2018’


Unveils latest offerings, including OLED displays for IT and smartphone markets, ultra-large 8K LCDs and a 32:9 curved display

Samsung Display exhibited a myriad of new technologies at the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2018 in Seoul late last month, including OLED and LCD technologies that are setting the pace for the global display market. IMID is the largest display show in Korea.

Samsung’s exhibits featured several highly promising new products such as a 15.6-inch ultra-high-definition (UHD) OLED display for IT applications, and 82-inch and 65-inch 8K LCDs, as well as HoD (Haptic on Display) technology that allows users to feel vibrations tied to actions on their mobile devices.

Samsung Display Shows Off Latest Cutting-edge Technologies at ‘IMID 2018’

Encounter the World of 5G through OLED Displays

At IMID, Samsung Display highlighted a variety of new OLED products and technologies under the theme, “OLED optimized for the 5G era.”

OLED displays allow users to enjoy high-capacity, high-resolution multimedia content seamlessly, while supporting HDR and its rapid response rate. With rapidly growing consumer interest, the popularity of OLED displays is expected to increase dramatically over the next 12-18months. This can be attributed to the incredible viewing experience that OLED is bringing to high-resolution movies, state-of-the-art games and Virtual Reality (VR) content, as the 5G era looms brightly on the horizon. Moreover, with many other advantages such as relatively low-power consumption and a slim, light design, OLED is garnering praise worldwide as the most vivid mobile display with the highest degree of portability.

A favorite of IMID attendees, Samsung Display also revealed several ultra-realistic products that allow users to fully enjoy media content such as enhanced VR and holograms for the forthcoming 5G era. It even showcased several showstoppers such as:

• an augmented reality (AR) display that materializes images at 1200 ppi
• UHD OLEDs with rapid response rates and near-perfect black-color reproduction
• a mobile LFD (Light Field Display) where users can experience an engaging sense of three-dimensions without 3D glasses
• an AR LFD that combines augmented reality (AR) with 3D

The company also introduced Haptic on Display (HoD) technology, which allows users to feel vibrations on a HoD display with their fingertips. Special HoD sensors transmit vibrations to the screen, allowing users to have more image-related fun while receiving engaging digital feedback on 5G smartphones.

Expanding Mid-scale IT Market, and the Evolution of the Full Screen

To enhance its show experience, the long-reigning trend-setter in the smartphone mass market and the world’s first developer of full screen mobile displays set up a chronological exhibit that showcased the history of OLED full screen technology.

The company also thrilled visitors with its FoD (Fingerprint on Display) and SoD (Sound on Display), two new technologies that are taking ‘full screen’ implementation to the next level. According to an official from Samsung Display, FoD and SoD technologies can replace a smartphone’s home button and sound receiver, respectively reducing the size of the upper and lower bezels. This makes it possible for a nearly perfect full screen to finally arrive.

At the event, Samsung Display also exhibited a 15.6-inch UHD (3840×2160) OLED display for IT applications since it aims to expand the OLED market beyond smartphones, smartwatches and tablet PCs.

Samsung Display Shows Off Latest Cutting-edge Technologies at ‘IMID 2018’

“OLED is suitable for many types of portable IT devices and mobile systems due to its thinness, light weight and extraordinary image quality. We will further innovate the OLED market with a special emphasis on IT centered along premium product lines,” said a Samsung Display spokesperson.

Ultra-large 8K LCD Maintains First Place in the Premium TV Market

As another showstopper, Samsung Display unveiled 82-inch and 65-inch LCD panels targeting the 8K TV market.

The company is planning to strengthen its market share in the premium TV segment by diversifying its 8K LCD lineups as consumers begin to shift towards 8k high resolution TVs (curved and rectangular), 65 inches or larger. In addition, Samsung’s curved monitor LCD, a highly-popular product in the fast-growing gaming sector, was spotlighted at the show. The company is planning to aggressively expand the curved gaming monitor market segments based on premium LCD technologies with an emphasis on high resolution, high refresh rate and optimized curvature.

Samsung Display Shows Off Latest Cutting-edge Technologies at ‘IMID 2018’

Other curved panels were exhibited at IMID 2018, including Samsung Display’s 49-inch monitor with an eye-popping 32:9 aspect ratio and Dual QHD resolution ; a 31.5-inch curved screen; and a 23.6-inch display with 1000R of curvature plus a 144Hz refresh rate. Curved TVs maximize a sense of immersion and heighten the viewer’s feeling of involvement in the activities on-screen.

Samsung Display Shows Off Latest Cutting-edge Technologies at ‘IMID 2018’

The parallel commercialization of 5G telecommunications and 8K resolution will serve to increase the growth momentum within the display industry, according to a company spokesperson. “Samsung Display will continue to take the lead as the market trend-setter based on our advanced technologies, which are coalescing around small and medium OLED panels, as well as large-scale LCD screens.”


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