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Samsung Display Steps Up Efforts to Create a Book-reading Culture


◇ 79 institutions in Chungnam State have been selected as beneficiaries of Samsung Display’s ‘Bread Of Mind Dream’ initiative this year, which is encouraging growth of a book-reading culture
◇ Samsung Display has been providing more than 330 local childcare centers with quality books and book-reading space since 2009

Samsung Display held a ‘BOM (Bread Of Mind) Dream’ donation ceremony in the main hall of the Asan 1 campus, on the 23rd of this month to acknowledge its efforts to provide books and book-reading areas to a variety of educational institutions. ‘BOM (Bread Of Mind) Dream’ represents one of Samsung Display’s most important Corporate Social Responsibilities. It has been designed to improve our learning infrastructure by providing quality books to institutions, and remodeling libraries under the theme of improving education. Samsung Display has been providing similar services to more than 330 institutions in Chungnam State including schools and child centers, since 2009.

This year, Samsung Display is planning to supply a wide range of acclaimed educational books to 70 select centers to expand their selection of books, as well as to finance the remodeling of book-reading areas at nine centers by October. We also will host a festival for teenagers that features a ‘BOM Dream’ reading contest, at the end of the year.

The ceremony honoring these donation was attended by approximately 170 dignitaries, company officials and parents, including Kim Jong Moon, Vice President of the Chungnam National Council on Social Welfare, and Kim Bum Dong, Executive Director of Samsung Display’s HR Department. Specific activities at the event included setting up performance stages for local artists, launching the 2018 BOM Dream service, donating funds for a gala presentation ceremony and sponsoring a “Why do We have to Read Books?” concert, hosted by a noted local author.

The principal of Chadong Elementary School, Park Tae Kyu, said at the ceremony: “Chadong Elementary school was about to close in 2009 due to a shortage of students, but thanks to the efforts of a determined group of neighbors and teachers to run buses for students to commute, and to provide caretaking service after school, we now have more than 100 students attending our school. As there are many students from multi-cultural families and North Korean defectors in the city of Seosan , I asked Samsung Display for ‘BOM Dream’ service assistance to provide those students with an environment where they can experience more diverse educational activities, in helping to stimulate a strong book-reading culture.” Then he added: “We are very thankful that Samsung Display is giving our students the opportunity to read every day. We will help the students to nurture their talents and build their dreams by providing an atmosphere where the reading of quality books is seen as both a personal privilege and a major source of community pride.”

※ BOM Dream

BOM Dream is a Samsung Display Corporate Social Responsibility service designed to stimulate greater interest in book reading by providing more quality books and remodeling aging or run-down reading areas. This ‘BOM Dream’ project represents one of our most important community efforts to instill a greater interest in book reading throughout the region.


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