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Galaxy S9 Display receives Excellent A+ Rating for its Image Quality


Galaxy S9 receives the highest grade for its image quality in an extensive quality assessment by DisplayMate Technologies
Accuracy of colors on display said to be ‘near perfection’
Also certified as Mobile HDR Premium product capable of playing 4K high resolution video

The most distinguished Smartphone display with the best image quality and color reproducibility
The Galaxy S9 recently set a new record, in an image quality assessment made by DisplayMate Technologies. In the assessment, the Galaxy S9 display received DisplayMate’s highest rating - Excellent A+, proving that the Galaxy S9 is the smartphone with the highest quality display in the world.
According to a report that was released by DisplayMate Technologies, the display used on Galaxy S9 exceeded specifications of the Galaxy S8 for brightness, outdoor visibility, and color reproducibility and has been ranked the best in color accuracy in DisplayMate Technologies years of display quality assessments.

Galaxy S9’s Color Accuracy Near Perfection
Galaxy S9 adapted the 3K QHD+ (2960x1440) OLED in the same 5.8 panel size and resolution as the Galaxy S8, but added major improvements such as in the accuracy of colors, brightness and reflectivity of the display panel.
In this detailed assessment by DisplayMate Technologies, the Galaxy S9’s color accuracy was rated at 0.7 JNCD (DCI-P3, cinema mode) which shows a significant improvement compared to the results of the Galaxy S8, which received a rating of 2.7 JNCD a couple of years ago. JNCD is ‘Just Noticeable Color Difference’, a method for measuring the minimum color differences that the eye can recognize. More simply put, it is the way of measuring the difference between the color that must be shown on at any given coordinate and the actual color for the coordinates displayed on the Galaxy S9. When the difference measures less than one, this means the color is near perfection, with the viewer’s eye unable to detect any differences.

Higher accuracy of colors means that the Galaxy S9 display can reproduce the image on the screen as clear and accurate as the eye can perceive. Galaxy S9 can show images and videos in the most realistic form by minimizing any distortion.
DisplayMate Technologies said that Samsung’s OLED is now recognized in the industry as the best smartphone display technology beyond LCDs and that Samsung Display’s focus on optimization (calibration) for resolution and color reproducibility have resulted in the Galaxy S9 receiving its Excellent A+ rating in DisplayMate’s comprehensive quality assessment.

Excellent outdoor visibility, and ‘Mobile HDR Premium’ certification
With a greater maximum brightness and improved reflectivity, users can see incredibly clear images on the Galaxy S9 even when it’s sunny and bright outside. The maximum brightness of the Galaxy S9 is 1,130cd/㎡ (Candela) which is 10% brighter than the brightness of GalaxyS8 (1,020cd/m2). 1,130cd/㎡ is the brightness that is equal to a level of 1,130 candlelights in a 1㎡ sized box. Sharply reduced reflectivity of the screen reaching the lowest rated level ever measured – 4.4%, has contributed to better outdoor visibility for Galaxy S9 users throughout the day.
DisplayMate noted that users of the Galaxy S9 can now enjoy more realistic and higher quality 4K resolution in viewing HDR content as the Galaxy S9 recently received ‘Mobile HDR Premium’ certification from the UHD Alliance, an institution that authenticates high-resolution display standards. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is state-of the-art high-resolution video technology that improves image quality by showing an extremely wide variety of colors and by depicting greater detail in bright and dark areas of the screen..
DisplayMate Technologies also noted that the Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone for viewing computer graphics and high-resolution movies thanks to its 1,130cd/m2 brightness, incredibly sharp black screen, and 113% ‘satisfied infinite contrast range’ rating from the international digital cinema color standards group, DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Initiatives).
DisplayMate Technologies President, Dr. Raymond Soneira said The display of Samsung Galaxy S9 has colors that have reached near perfection level. It is by far the most distinguished smartphone display on our records.


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