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B2B+ Payment information

Documents to submit

Conclude a B2B agreement with banks

  • 1. B2B loan transaction agreement is only available at Kookmin Bank, Korea Exchange Bank, Woori Bank, and Industrial Bank of Korea
  • 2. Each bank requires a different type of document. Therefore, fill out the relevant document and submit it to the bank nearby
B2B 대출거래 약정가능 금융기관 설명
Financial Institutions Available Account Required Documents Contacts
Kookmin Bank
(Loan for account receivable bonds)
Kookmin Bank account Homepage of each bank
Secpay.co.kr Confirm
Korea Exchange Bank
(Settlement for B2B)
Korea Exchange Bank account 02-3709-8080
Woori Bank
(Loan for B2B-Plus)
Woori Bank account 080-665-5000
Industrial Bank of Korea
(Loan for account receivable bond with security)
Industrial Bank of Korea account 1566-2566

Conclude a B2B agreement with Samsung Display and Submit Documents

1. Complete the document required for agreement and send it via mail or visit in person to apply
1) Documents needed for an agreement (Total 4)
  • ① Agreement as to payment of products (Refer to annexed paper)
  • ② One copy of sealed certificate of corporate body (Should be issued within past three months) (As for individuals, sealed certificate of individual is needed)
  • ③ One copy of business registration certificate
  • ④ One copy of account for settlement concluded with a B2B agreement
2. Notes of Caution
  • Seal on the agreement as to payment of products should be identical with the one on the sealed certificate of corporate body.
  • In case of vice versa, submit presentation of seal that is currently being used.