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B2B+ Payment information

Payment process

Background of introduction

This system is for quick accurate payment for clients who made the purchase contract and the support the cash flow of the partner companies corresponding to medium and small-size businesses.

Overview of payment

Delivery payment work agency contract was signed between our company and the financial institutes so that the company makes the payments for the deliverables of clients through the financial institutes, and the clients will receive the payments on the contracted due date specified in the payment conditions of the company. If you want advance payment (hereinafter referred to as a loan”), you will have to pay certain interest for the corresponding loan period, and you will get payment for he deliverables in cash immediately. You can check the issuing of electronic bill from the internet banking service of each bank and request a loan.

Payment process

1. Delivery and in voice issuing
 2. Credit transfer for payment 3. Purchase details transmission 4. Credit transfer notice 5. Payment request 6. Payment 7. Bill date payment

STEP 01 Purchasing company

The purchasing company sends the details of closing (by closing dates, by sites) to the bank after purchasing the products, and actual payment will be made the bill date to the bank.

STEP 02 Financial institute

The bank notifies the corresponding credit transfer to the purchasing company after receiving the closing details from the purchasing company.

STEP 03 Cooperation company

The cooperation company registers the institution B2B+ and the transaction application, and the electronic bill or cash will be paid on the payment date.