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[Technology/Product Information] What is TFT-LCD?
TFT-LCD is as abbreviation: Thin-Flim-Transistor Liquid Crystal Display.
LCD divides into two ways Passive and Active.
TFT-LCD has been currently used actively.
[Technology/Product Information] What products need for TFT-LCD?
TFT-LCD has been widely adopted for medium-small size such as Mobile, DSC, PMP, PND, Game, Digital Picture Frame up to a large size display product such as Tablet, Notebook, Monitor, TV, PID (Public Information Display).
[Technology/Product Information] LCD product specifications to know by the terms
LCD of specification indicates Size, Resolution, Brightness, Color Gamut, Response Time, Contrast Ratio, Weight etc. For further information, please check product details on the product site.
[Technology/Product Information] What is AMOLED?
AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) represents various colors by organic matter and it’s a self-glowing characteristic when electric current is passed.
Backlight Unit is not needed because AMOLED is self-glowing characteristic.
Compared to LCD, It is the thinnest and lightest display that thin thickness product can be made.
In addition, it is a complete 180-degree viewing angle characteristic that brings clear images from any angle as you can see.
[Technology/Product Information] What kinds of product are AMOLED currently being mounted on?
Mostly mid-to late 2000s, AMOLED is mounted on mobile phones, MP3 players,
Currently, AMOLED is mounted on Smart phones, Digital camera, and game player, tablet PC etc and it has been adopted into various IT equipments which require high-definition display. In the future,
AMOLED is expected to be mounted on large panel for TV and on the flexible, transparent for futuristic display in the future

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