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[Company Information] What is the Samsung Display?
Samsung Display established on 1st July 2012 to provide the best solution to customers and to develop core technology competence.

Samsung Display succeeds in mass produced AMOLED for the first time in the world with Samsung’s leading-age technology TFT-LCD and the company is the world’s No.1 in the display market
[Company Information] Where is the Samsung Display?
3 Business places in Korea ( Asan campus, Cheonan campus, Giheung campus) Research centre ( Giheung, Cheonan)
4 Overseas production bases (Tianjin, Dongguan, Suzhou, Slovakia)
LCD and AMOLE mass production line in Asan campus,
Medium-Small size AMOLED mass production line and Medium-Small size LCD mass production line in Cheonan, R&D, salesㆍMarketing department in Giheung.
[Company Information] What products the Samsung Display produces?
The main products are AMOLED panel, TFT LCD Panel.
Samsung display’s products are Smartphone, digital cameras, tablet PC, notebook PC, monitor, TV, etc. These products have been generally adopted all kinds of equipment.
[Company Information] What is the vision of the Samsung Display?
The vision of Samsung display is “Display beyond Imagination”.
Samsung display's vision means creating new market and leading the future through the product with creative innovation technologies that no one can make.

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